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These are some of the recipes I have been coming up with, I aim for them all to be healthy, filling and appropriate for an athletic diet, additionally nothing I make contains red meat and I rarely ever include any dairy or wheat products.

Recipe: Simple, cheap, healthy, oil free Gallo Pinto

Ingredients/equipment: 1 medium onion 1 cup uncooked wholegrain brown rice 1 tin Black beans 1 medium to large pot 1 nonstick pan (may work with the normal variety, I haven’t tried) optional: 1/4 teaspoon of iodised table salt prep time:30-50 minutes … Continue reading

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Nut cereal

The past few days I’ve been beginning my days with a simple homemade nut cereal. I came up with the idea after eating an almond I had been soaking for almond milk and realising just how soft it was. I’ve recently … Continue reading

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Milk for the Dairy Wary

Yellow building, on bridge street, past Mel’s, yellow building on the right. There was no yellow building. There was a green building, there was a grey building, there was even a used car dealership. I couldn’t see a yellow building. It … Continue reading

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Recipe: Salmon, Quinoa, Cranberry delight salad

This is the recipe for a salad I have made a few times recently, it’s great when you want something relatively quick that’s packed with protein. ingredients: 1 can salmon 3/4 cup black and gold quinoa 1/4 cup dried cranberries … Continue reading

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