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Fruits, fats, long runs, crazy days, and 80/10/10

Runners have many quirky rituals ranging from pre-race carbohydrate binges to rolling out muscles, traveling hours for the chance to race a particular race, getting up with or before the sun just for the chance to run a brutal hill session, or … Continue reading

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Milk for the Dairy Wary

Yellow building, on bridge street, past Mel’s, yellow building on the right. There was no yellow building. There was a green building, there was a grey building, there was even a used car dealership. I couldn’t see a yellow building. It … Continue reading

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Learning about food

Cinnamon, it tastes like it has cinnamon…I feel it needs cinnamon. I got up again to grab the cinnamon from my friend’s sister’s cupboard and sprinkled it over my improvised cereal. After taking another bite I googled the anti inflammatory … Continue reading

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