Training: Sunday August 17th

PM: Easy 6k stretch out run, stretching routine, injury prevention routine, foam rolling.

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Training: Saturday August 17th

AM: 5km warmup and the Von Kick N Asphalt 10k race (see race report)

PM: Strength session:

  • deadlift sets
  • box jump sets
  • core set
  • pullup sets
  • pushup routine
  • injury prevention routine
  • stretching routine
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Race Report: VON Kick N Asphalt

Hey all, so this is my summary of my race this Saturday: Von Kick n Asphalt. This was a 10k race made up of two laps, all road, and surprisingly hilly! The race started with maybe 100m flat before along extended downhill, followed by another rise and then another long downhill, easy stuff to begin with I thought! Heading down the hills I just let myself glide as best as I could focusing on just maintaining good form and cadence and letting the hills do the work, I felt that was going pretty well but when I hit the 2k mark in just under 8 minutes I realised I’d been letting off too much on the brief flats and uphills so I began to push a bit harder and found myself falling into a steady stride for the next kilometre through the flattest part of the race. After that I began on what was essentially a two kilometre uphill run culminating in a very long steep hill the finished just before the start/finish line. I felt like a had a fair bit of energy left to put out at this point but I haven’t been racing too much and was a bit out of practice and there was no one around to push me by this point. When I went through the check point I grabbed a cup of water and poured it over my head without breaking stride to try and cool my skin (because fun fact: if you read runners world you may have seen a relatively recent article about a research group which has found that skin temperature has a hug impact on running performance, possibly because it forces you to divert more blood for cooling). After covering myself in water I felt pretty good and was able to maintain a nice pace through the second downhill stretch and the flat. The final uphill was a painful experience and I remember the feeling of lactic acid accumulating in my legs and stomach as I pushed up but I made sure not to think about how much was ahead and instead just focused on maintaining energy output. The constant effort worked well as it allowed me to push up the hill and at a decent pace before accelerating into the finish to win in 36:51! I was hoping for a faster time but I think partly I need to get used to pushing myself harder in races again because when I finished this it felt more like I had just come off a tempo run rather than an all out effort, the course was also much hillier than I expected! Anyways all in all a fun, well organised run, I look foreword to running it next year!

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Training: Friday August 15th

AM: No training

PM: light 6k run with some local runners, generally taking it easy before racing tomorrow.

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Training: Thursday August 14th

AM: 2.5miles easy run, 10 minutes barefoot running, barefoot form work and strides, 100 pushups, hip stabilisation routine.

PM: Rest: I just walked around town for two hours catching up with a friend who’s back in town before dinner and an early night.

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Training: Wednesday August 13th

AM: Went out to warm up for my workout and ran into another local runner, we chatted for a bit and I ended up running a little longer than planned for me warmup so here’s the workout:

Warmup: 3 miles

Main set: 30 minute tempo run

PM: Got out of the lab late again but I knew I needed to get in my strength session so I quickly ate two apples with maple butter and headed off, here’s the workout:

Strength training:

  1. Deadlift set
  2. Pushup set
  3. Core set
  4. Injury prevention exercises
  5. Corncob pull up set
  6. Stretching
  7. Hanging stretching
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Training: Tuesday August 12th

Am: 2.5 miles, half of which barefoot, barefoot strides, 100 pushups.

PM: I was supposed to do another 2.5, some core, injury prevention, stretching, and foam rolling but I got out of the lab late today and decided just to focus on dinner and an early night so I can up to train tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will get tomorrow’s Tempo run in during the morning hours to help get used to early runs for my 10k this weekend!

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Recipe: Simple, cheap, healthy, oil free Gallo Pinto


  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 cup uncooked wholegrain brown rice
  • 1 tin Black beans
  • 1 medium to large pot
  • 1 nonstick pan (may work with the normal variety, I haven’t tried)
  • optional: 1/4 teaspoon of iodised table salt

prep time:30-50 minutes depending on the kind of rice

  1. Prepare rice according to instructions on package.
  2. When rice has roughly 10 minutes left before it’s ready cut up the onion and place in pan with no oil under medium heat, stir often.
  3. Once onion is soft drain and rinse black beans and add to onions in pan along with roughly half the bean tin of fresh water, stir and mix with onion.
  4. Once rice is ready add to pan, you want to keep the meal nice and moist so consider adding more water and stir regularly. Once the rice, onion, and beans have been well mixed this dish is ready to serve!

Makes: 6 servings

This is a modified version of a dish my granny taught me a while ago which she learned in Costa Rica, this has to be one of the best student meals in existence because it is extremely cheap, very simple, and delicious once you get the hang of it. Also because you can make this without any oil this is a very low fat meal, full of complex carbohydrates and the bean/rice combination makes it a complete protein!

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Monday August 11th, 2014

Am: Easy stretch out run, injury prevention exercises, hanging exercises and stretching.


PM: Harder interval workout over hills and trails.


Got to follow the run with a huge, juicy, wonderful panful of oil free gallo pinto!

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Training: Sunday August 10th

Had a nice active recovery workout for my rest day: a light run around town followed by some hanging stretches at a local playground and in the gym as well as duck walks, backwards duck walks, and ballerina walks for the shins, my conventional stretching, and some foam rolling all over my legs and back to get out the soreness from yesterday!

Aug 10th


*My MapMyRun always appears to be a day late for some reason!

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